Discovery Studio

Discovery StudioA vibrant space for children's open-ended art and science exploration

This artfully designed environment inspires discovery and creative exploration with a selection of rotating activities, appropriate for a wide range of ages and abilities.  It offers an array of interesting objects and materials, coupled with challenges and ideas for investigation. 

Discovery Studio is open for self-guided exploration most days from 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM. Try a different theme each week!  Check the calendar for more details and for other daily activities.

February 2 - 5 • Wood Works
Create collages with wood pieces and glue, experiment with sanding and bolting, wield a hammer and learn what tools can do.
February 9 - 12 • Math Works
Use tangram blocks to solve picture puzzles, compare the weights of different materials, and sort objects by color.
February 15 - 19 • Moon and Stars
Design constellations, create a star field using geoboards and rubber bands, and make moon phase rubbings.
February 23 - 26 & March 1 - 4 • Re-Constructors
Sculpt, build and artfully arrange an array of recycled materials – caps, tubes and other reclaimed treasures.
March 8 - 10 & 15 - 18 • Pulleys and Gears
Tighten screws, lift weights with rope and pulleys, and create a network of gears and make them work together.
March 22 - 24 & 30 - 31 • Animal Adventures
Browse books to learn to identify different animal tracks and stamp a path of animal footprints.

Discovery Studio was supported in part by the June Rockwell Levy Foundation.

Discovery Studio, a vibrant space for children's art and science exploration