Discovery Studio

Discovery StudioA vibrant space for children's open-ended art and science exploration

This artfully designed environment inspires discovery and creative exploration with a selection of rotating activities, appropriate for a wide range of ages and abilities.  It offers an array of interesting objects and materials, coupled with challenges and ideas for investigation. 

Discovery Studio is open for self-guided exploration most days from 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM. Try a different theme each week!  Check the calendar for more details and for other daily activities.

January 1 - 4 and 6 - 9 • Block Builders
Build with interesting blocks of all shapes and sizes.
January 13 - 16 and 20 - 23 • Nature Investigators
Create with and investigate objects from the natural world.
January 27 - February 1 and February 3 - 8 • Doodlers
Explore different drawing and doodling activities, materials and tools.
February 10 - 13 and 15 - 20 • Pulleys and Gears
Investigate simple machines – tighten screws, lift weights with ropes and pulleys, and create a network of gears.
February 24 - 27 • Math Works
Use tangram blocks to solve picture puzzles, compare the weights of different materials, and sort objects by color.

Discovery Studio was supported in part by the June Rockwell Levy Foundation.

Discovery Studio, a vibrant space for children's art and science exploration