Providence Children's Museum - The Climber

This safe, artful and challenging climbing sculpture is designed by nationally acclaimed artists and architects Tom and Spencer Luckey of New Haven, CT.  While the father/son team has created climbing structures for children's museums and childcare centers across the country, this is their first major outdoor installation – a colorful 24-foot work of public art that inspires active, physical play.  Climbing is necessary for children’s physical and problem-solving skill development and The Climber takes kids to new heights as they wriggle and stretch through an enclosed maze of interconnected undulating platforms at various levels.

See how The Climber was created in this time-lapse video:

Tips for The Climber:

  • The Climber is designed for children ages 4 and up. Younger children can try it if they want to and their grown-ups are comfortable. Not all kids climb all the way to the top; some just clamor around on the lower levels and that's fine.
  • If your child does have trouble getting down and becomes upset, ask a competently climbing child to show him or her how to get down. They're usually very happy to help.
  • Grown-ups are welcome to climb too!
  • The Climber is open in almost all kinds of weather. Its roof provides protection from rain and hot sun. It is closed during electrical storms and in the most severe part of the winter.
  • Shoes on or off - it's up to you. Clogs and flip flops are better left on the ground. We recommend emptying pockets of cell phones and loose change, too.

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