Water Ways Exhibit - Providence Children's Museum

Build fountains, float boats and explore the swirling, whirling ways of water!

Water is intrinsically fascinating – the ultimate “loose part.” Whether splashing in puddles and bathtubs, floating sticks in rivers, or building fountains at the Children’s Museum, water naturally invites open-ended play and exploration. Water play is a mesmerizing sensory experience that fosters creativity, stimulates curiosity and promotes problem solving for all ages and abilities. It offers children endless possibilities to engage with science – to notice, question, experiment and develop a sense of wonder about the world around them. Water Ways motivates kids – and grown-ups – to think, ‘What does water do?’ and ‘What can I do with water?’ by immersing visitors in engaging, interactive new water play.

Splash, explore, discover and investigate water and its properties in different forms:

  • Transform the size and shape of billowing mist and water domes 
  • Send boats and balls spiraling and twisting through vortexes 
  • Connect pipe pieces to form fountains that funnel the flow of mist and water 
  • Investigate and sculpt crushed ice using a variety of tools 
  • “Paint” watery designs on a large slate wall 
  • Build mazes and dam water cascading downstream with blocks and sandbags
  • Explore an expanded play area with ramps, squeegees and spigots especially for the Museum’s youngest visitors
  • And MUCH more!

Water Ways is funded by The Champlin Foundations, The Collis Family Foundation, The Norman & Rosalie Fain Family Foundation, June Rockwell Levy Foundation and Carol A. Peterson.

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