Providence Children's Museum - Museum Adventure Field Trips

“Excellent experience for children. Very well organized. Exhibits are well done, lots to do, see and learn. The best place for a field trip!”
- Elaine Bourgeault, Oxford Elementary, Oxford, MA

Preschool, ages 2 - 5: 90 minutes
Grades K - 5: 2 hours

A Museum Adventure field trip is a hands-on exploration of two floors of interactive exhibits. Kids become engineers, building bridges or moving water through fountains and locks. Students travel through history to meet people who traveled from different lands to make Rhode Island their home. They explore shape and space through spatial thinking puzzles and challenges. Along the way, Museum staff members encourage grade-appropriate activities while teacher resource packets, visiting tips and a floor plan help you to customize your group’s learning experience during your visit.

Museum Adventure field trips are ideal for school and camp groups, community groups, preschools, parent-child groups, Scout excursions, childcare centers, and groups with special needs.

Download materials to support your visit: